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In today’s digital-first world, your university’s online presence is more crucial than ever. It's the cornerstone of connecting with prospective students and expanding your institution’s reach and reputation. Ensuring your ideal student can find your site is the most cost-effective way to drive organic leads.

At Everspring, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities higher education institutions face online. That’s why we’re offering a complimentary SEO website scan tailored specifically for universities like yours.

What’s Included in Your Free SEO Scan?

Our digital marketing experts will:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your university’s website to give you a quantitative perspective on where you rank in the competitive landscape
  • Check site speed, indexing, core web vitals, and technical SEO
  • Provide you with actionable insights for improving website visibility and performance

Optimize with confidence to amplify your marketing and enrollment strategies.

Why Everspring?

When higher ed leaders want enrollment, retention and hybrid courses done right, they call Everspring. We have a proven track record of helping universities excel online. Our expertise in SEO and deep understanding of the competitive higher education landscape enables us to provide actionable insights that can transform your online presence.

With our marketing expertise, our university clients have expanded their brand recognition, increased geographic reach, and substantially accelerated their enrollments. Our work has enabled single programs to grow so quickly that they have powered the entire school’s year-over-year growth, and we’ve helped propel graduate programs into top national rankings.1

Everspring is a Google Premier Partner

The Google Premier Partner designation is earned by only 3% of Google advertisers,2 giving us priority access to early beta tests run by Google and allowing our team to pilot the latest tools.

Optimize With Confidence

Gain clarity and precision in your marketing efforts with our comprehensive SEO data analysis. This scan can help you find solutions for the following digital challenges: 

Be Seen

Overcome Roadblocks

Be Relevant

Identify factors affecting search visibility, such as keyword optimization, backlink quality and site structure. By addressing these issues, you can improve your site’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Examine technical SEO aspects like site speed, mobile responsiveness and how easily your site can be crawled. Resolving any technical issues enhances your website’s technical SEO, ensuring that search engines can efficiently index and rank pages.

Gain insights into the quality, relevance and uniqueness of your content and its efficacy in acquiring qualified traffic. Identify opportunities for keyword optimization, content gaps and improvement to ensure that your website provides valuable and relevant information to users. 

Amplify Your Marketing and Enrollment Strategies With a Tailored SEO Scan

Don’t let your university’s potential to attract more students go untapped. Request your scan today. Our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps toward making your university’s online presence stronger than ever.


  1. After three years of a 3% decline in enrollment, one partner experienced 75% enrollment growth in the three years following the online program launch with Everspring
  2. Retrieved on February 20, 2024, from

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